How to have a spa night at home

Feature / 28 July 2017 / 07:30am

Fancy a spa night at home?

With time limited during the day and often jam-packed weekends, we don’t spend enough time pampering ourselves and giving our bodies the attention they need and deserve.

Once the kids have gone to bed or are off to a play date, get yourself organised and have a spa day/night!

There’s no better time to chill and relax than when you’re all caught up on housework and when you’ve got the house to yourself.

#1 Face mask

Face masks are a no-brainer. Instant pick me up, cleansing and moisturising and smelling amazing! If you fancy adding some cold cucumber slices to your eyes, you’ll feel awake and revitalised.

The new craze for ‘packet’ masks includes the Charlotte Tilbury dry sheet face mask and all the beauty geeks are going crazy for it. It’s £18 for a single mask.

If you’re after something a bit cheaper, then head to Superdrug for the Garnier Skinactive tissue mask. It comes in different varieties depending on what you need, but they are a steal at £2.99. If you’re quick you’ll get them in the sale at £1.99!

#2 The comfy robe

Wear what you want underneath, or nothing at all, but a luxurious robe can make the experience more realistic and you don’t need to worry about getting products on your nice clothes.

As it’s summer you’ll want something lightweight and this White Company waffle robe in white might be the perfect option. It’s £60.

#3 Products and spa scents

When you walk into a spa, the first thing to hit you will be the smells. Most spas have their own favourite products and brands they use and the smells from the waiting area through to the treatment rooms are relaxing and calming.

Your home spa session should be no different! Light a candle before you get started and allow the smells to waft about the room. Then, choose your favourite products (cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser) with seriously good smells – maybe consider products with natural, organic ingredients. Murad products whilst not cheap, are all amazing at their own jobs. It’s not a one size fits all with Murad. There are products for every skin type and every challenge.

Don’t stop there! Think about a hair and scalp mask, too. This ESPA Pink hair and scalp mud smells glorious and also does an excellent job of nourishing the hair and scalp. From £33.

#4 Hot tea or lemon and mint water

Image: Food52

When you’re in a spa there is always an abundance of herbal teas, lemon water and elderflower water. It’s important to hydrate as you treat yourself – not with wine or gin though!

Pick your drink of choice and make it look pretty, in your favourite glass and garnished with fresh fruit.

After you’ve done top to toe, you might like to consider giving yourself a mani pedi to complete your well deserved pamper session.


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